Last ruler of the Khalji Dynasty

14 Feb 2018  Wed

Khusru was a slave from Gujarat serving under Qutb-al-Din Mubarak of the Kalji dynasty. The Sultan of Delhi, Qutb-al-Din Mubarak elevated him to a high position. But Khusru, in turn, had the sultan assassinated whereupon he ascended the throne of Delhi and took the title Nasir-al-Din Khusru Shah.

His reign lasted less than a year, however, Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the governor of Dipalpur, saw his opportunity for power. He defeated Khusru and established the Tughlaq Dynasty.

A Gold Tanka of Nasir Al-Din Khusru was minted at Qila Deogiri. The obverse side of the coin contains the Persian legend ‘Al Sultan Al Azam Nasir Al Dunya Wa'l Din Abul Muzaffar’. The reverse has an inscription ‘Khusraw Shah Al Sultan Al Wathiq Bi Nasir Al Rahman Wali Amir Al Muminin’. This coin was listed at INR 70,000 to 1,60,000 at Todywala Auctions.

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