Yadavas of Devagiri coin sold for 15,000

12 Feb 2018  Mon

Indian Dynasty of the Yadavas of Devagiri was ruling the region of Maharashtra, North Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh around 850 AD-1334 AD. They were the feudatories of the Western Chalukyas and often claimed as their descent from the Yadavas of Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s clan. They issued various gold coins with tiny beautiful symbols on it.

The featured image depicts one of the coins of Yadavas of Devagiri, a Gold Padma Tanka weighing around 3.82 grams. The obverse of the coin has five punches: lotus (centre), shankha, Nagari legend ‘Sri Rama’ which is partly visible, two punches of ‘Shri’ in Kannada script and one extra punch with ‘Shri’ in Nagari. The coin is assumed to be issued by Rama Deva (c.1270-1311 AD). This tiny die struck coin was sold for INR 15,000 at Todywalla Auctions.

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