Indore Collector Shares his Experience

12 Feb 2018  Mon

49-year-old businessman Raj Bahadur Singh Gyanee has been collecting and documenting coins since his childhood. Even today, he enjoys reading and researching about coins, apart from collecting them. When his father used to give him 2 paisa as pocket money during his younger years, instead of spending the money, he loved collecting them instead. He was disappointed when the Government stopped producing 2 paisa coins. That was when his friend Avatar Singh motivated him to pursue coin collecting as a hobby.

He started by collecting all types of coins that he found. Today he has aluminum, copper, nickel, brass and silver coins. He picked up coins during his travels and asked his friends to pick coins for him during their travels. That is how he started adding coins from Calcutta, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Canada, Birmingham, Seoul, and Moscow to his collection.

He then ventured into banknotes, error coins, Mughal coins, and polymer notes. He has also inspired his kids to take up this hobby. One of his children studied numismatics and helps him learn more. As he kept collecting coins, he and his wife were worried because of the lack of space to store the treasure. Currently, he stores all the coins in bank lockers and at friend’s places. Gyanee hopes to break some records soon and earn some fame. His collection is also admired on social media channels.

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