Highlights at Exhibition of Rare Ancient Coins in Mysuru

10 Feb 2018  Sat

Maharaja First Grade College in Jayalakshipuram, Mysuru, recently hosted a 2-day exhibition that highlighted the history of money and culture of ancient India. Coins, currencies and postage stamps were displayed with the help of Department of History and Internal Quality Assurance Cell, in association with expert numismatist P.K. Keshava Murthy. He has exhibited his collection on 140 occasions now and is considered to be a revered personality in the field of numismatics.

Some of the coins showcased at the event were issued in 5th Century BC. Some of them were punch-marked coins while there were many which were Greek and Roman. Other coins on display were the ones issued by Guptas, Kushans, Satavahanas, Kadambas etc. Interesting coins like the ones from Mughal Era, those issued by the great Krishnadevaraya, commemorative coins, foreign banknotes etc. were also displayed at the event. Another highlight was mint-made errors and odd issues. Several students had come down to take a look at these amazing pieces of history.

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