Algeria's First Set of Stamps

08 Feb 2018  Thu

Long, colourful sets of definitive colonial issues from 1840 to 1940 have always been in demand and are not so costly either.

The largest country in Africa, Algeria has a Mediterranean coastline and the Sahara Desert. Algeria was under French rule for almost 100 years. From 1830 to 1870, Algeria was an integral department of France. Many people from France settled in Algeria, and vice versa. The Algerian War started between Arab Muslim nationalists and the French government in 1954. Finally, the war ended with Algerian independence in 1962. After the war, Christian and Jewish Algerians from French or European ancestry immigrated to France.

The first set of Algerian stamps was issued in 1924-26. It has a listed market value in unused hinged condition of only $52.80. You can buy these stamps if the higher valued stamps do not have any problems. Faulty lower value stamps or stamps that are not well centered can be easily replaced. The total catalog value for such a set is $72.

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