Silver Maple Leaf Canadian Coins with Advanced MINTSHIELD Technology

08 Feb 2018  Thu

APMEX, Inc. is producing new coins using the latest innovative Silver minting technology called MINTSHIELD for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Introduced in 1988, the 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf became very popular because of its .9999 fine silver content and its elegant design depicting a maple leaf. Just like other silver coins, these popular Maple Leaf coins also have a tendency to develop white spots. Although the coin’s purity or composition is not affected by these white spots, they definitely make these coins look ugly.

The Royal Canadian Mint started researching about the causes and solutions for the occurrence of these white spots in 2014. They also took help from a local university and made use of different types of laboratories and technological advances. Finally, a solution was discovered called MINTSHIELD™ Surface Protection, after years of research.

The Royal Canadian Mint has always adopted innovative and new technologies for enhancing their products. The new MINTSHIELD™ Surface Protection technology is expected to become extremely popular among collectors and investors.

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