Naga Woman: An Excellent Weaver

07 Feb 2018  Wed

Nagaland, a land of mountains, is a state located in Northeast India. This beautiful state is known for its ethnicity. Nagaland is called as ‘Land of Festivals’, each tribe has their own specific festivals and they celebrate it with full zest and zeal.

The people of Nagaland are versatile artisans. The items of their daily use also bear the marks of their ethnicity and aesthetic excellence. The Nagas are so artistically inclined that they even decorate their weapons. Even if you look at the bamboo drinking pots, you would find beautiful motifs on them. Impressive wood carvings are found on the doorways of Naga houses.

But when it comes to textiles, Nagaland has carved a niche for itself. It is that particular state of India which offers the unique fabric as compared to the rest of the country. Each and every house of Nagaland has a loom. The three most significant industries are weaving, spinning and dyeing.

The dress materials for daily use are produced with the help of the age-old looms by the Naga females and the end product is surely a visual enchantment. The weaving procedure is generally very slow and monotonous and hence, the end products are bit expensive. The clothes worn by the men and women Naga tribes keep varying from one group to another.

India issued a definitive stamp of this pretty looking Naga woman who is depicted weaving, having the face value of 3 Annas in 1955.

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