Chinese Dollar Featuring Yuan Shih-kai to be Auctioned

06 Feb 2018  Tue

Stack Bower’s Hong Kong Auction will take place from 2nd to 4th April. A Chinese Dollar featuring Yuan Shih-kai, wearing a tall high-feathered military hat, in Superb Gem condition is going to be offered. Yuan Shih-kai is in his complete military regalia. His jacket displays his medals; a sash is worn across his chest. The design highlights his power in the Chinese Republican military and government.

The reverse features Chinese inscription which translates to, “Republic of China. Coin Commemorative of the Republic.” There are two ornate rosettes. An English text reads “One Dollar.” An open wreath is at the centre, surrounding two Chinese characters which translate to, “One Yuan.”

Yuan Shih-Kai was an important general and politician. He undertook many important military reforms. He was responsible for replacing monarchy to form a republic in China. His military reforms also gave space for rival warlords who competed for power after his death. The army started getting divided. Yuan also tried to restore the monarchy by declaring himself as emperor. This tarnished the ideals of the Republican movement.

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