Temple on Kadamba Coin

06 Feb 2018  Tue

Do you see a temple on coins?

No, Temple is among few of the symbols which are not seen very often on the coins. Symbols like such make the coin more unique and rare. In our articles, you must have seen them on the coins of Saurashtra Janpada, Audumbara, Yadheya, Pallavas, Chalukyas and Shilahara. Today we came across another coin which has a beautiful temple on it.

The featured gold coin was issued by Kadambas of Goa (c.1000-1100 AD). The obverse of the coin depicts a typical Kadamba lion standing facing to left in front of a temple archway with a floral attribute on the left, within the dotted border of the circle. While the reverse has a Trishul and Devanagari legend ‘Shri Malaha/ Ramari’ in two lines below, within the dotted border of a circle.

You can acquire this coin by simply bidding online on the website of Todywalla Auctions and the opening bid is INR 1,50,000.

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