Coin of Bengal Sultanate stuck in the name of Ala al-Din Masud Shah

06 Feb 2018  Tue

Ala al-Din Masud Shah was the Sultan of Mamluk Dynasty who ruled Delhi Sultanate from1242 to 1246 AD. Masud Shah was offered the throne on the condition that he would delegate all his powers to ‘the forty’ and remain the Sultan only in name.

Gold, silver and billon coins are known for Ala-al-Din Masud Shah. Gold and silver coins were issued from Lakhnauti and Delhi. Billon coins were struck from both Badayun and Delhi.

This silver Tanka was struck in the name of Ala al-Din Masud Shah in 643 AH. The obverse of the coin bears the Persian legend which read as ‘Al-Sultan Al-A 'Zam Mu 'Izz Al-Dunya Wa 'L Din Abu 'L Muzaffar Bahr Amshah Ibn Al-Sultan Nasir Amir Al-Mu 'Minin’. The reverse of the coin read as ‘Fi Ahd Al Imam Al Muntasir billah Amir-ul-Mominin’. This coin was sold for INR 30,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. To know more about the coins of slave dynasty click here..

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