Latest Commemorative Note from Ukraine Features Designs of the Country’s First Paper Money

06 Feb 2018  Tue

The 100th anniversaries of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 to 1921 and the first Ukrainian banknote were celebrated in a unique way. A commemorative banknote was released in December 2017 called “One Hundred Karbovantsiv”. It features the same designs that appeared on the first Ukrainian banknote that was released in 1917. The original design was created by Georgy Narbut. The new 80 mm X 170 mm banknote is printed on a special security paper made of flax fibers and cotton cellulose.

The obverse features a 1917 state credit note with the denomination in Cyrillic. A trident is also depicted. It's a historic Ukrainian symbol which was featured on coins of Prince Volodymyr (980 to 1015). The trident also became the Ukrainian state emblem in 1918.

The reverse features the face value of 100 karbovantsiv four times in four languages. Other texts include denomination numerals, in Russian, Polish, and Yiddish. Experts state that there are a lot of Jews in the country, due to which the language also appears on other notes of Ukraine and Belorussia. 80,000 notes were released in total. 20,000 were sold in commemorative folders for 156 hryvnias.

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