Serenade Love Stamps from Slovenia

06 Feb 2018  Tue

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we can already see some cupids flying around. Love letters might have become a thing of the past, but they can never lose their original charm. Slovenia is adding a touch of love to their latest stamp release as well. The country has been issuing special love stamps for the last 24 years. After 2003, they started issuing beautiful heart-shaped stamps annually.

The latest addition to their family of Love Stamps was done on 25th January and it’s called Serenade. The design showcases an interesting mix of contemporary technology and a traditional way to express love. Back in the Classic Era, it had become a trend among lovers to play romantic music or sing songs outside the window of those whom they want to impress. The stamp design mixes up this tradition with the age of internet and mobile phones.

It features a huge cell phone. A man is standing on a balcony that extends from the phone, and a woman is standing under the balcony trying to serenade and impress her love with a symbolic heart in her hand.

Now, isn’t that the perfect design to have on a love stamp!

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