Mysterious Honan Pattern 500 Cash Copper Coin to be Auctioned

05 Feb 2018  Mon

A mysterious Honan Pattern 500 Cash is a part of the Q. David Bowers collection of Chinese Copper Coins which is going to be offered at Stack Bower’s 2018 Hong Kong auction from 2nd to 4th April.

Not much is known about these coins. Some experts believe that there are only 12 known examples, while others believe that there are different varieties of the coin with 33 known examples. Experts claim that these mysterious coins were struck by the then Governor of Honan, Liu Zhi. After the Second Sino-Japanese War, Liu was removed from many positions.

It is the largest denomination copper coin of China. The obverse features crossed flags of Kuomintang, “Zhonghua mingguo” (Republic of China), denomination “500 Cash” and floral designs. The reverse features the denomination “Wu Bai Wen” (500 Hundred Cash (Wen)) within a wreath.

The three variations include totally finished product, tin-plated examples, and examples where the Kuomintang flag does not feature the nationalist emblem. All versions are extremely rare and costly.

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