Are you bidding on this coin?

05 Feb 2018  Mon

Gupta coins win the heart of the collectors for their indigenous depictions of motifs. Every time the word ‘Gupta’ comes our mind directly connects it with the ‘Golden era’.

Today again we are here with another masterpiece of Gupta. The featured coin belongs to Kumaragupta I (415–455CE). The obverse of the coin depicts a king standing, wearing a dhoti and arm bracelets, a sash flowing from his waist, drawing a bow and shooting an arrow right into the mouth of the lion, Brahmi legend ‘Kumaragupto Veera bhuvi Simhavikarama’ around. The reverse has a seated goddess facing front, seated on a lion reclining to right, holding a lotus in left and showering coins with her right hand(?), tamgha to left and Brahmi legend ‘Sinhamahendra’ in the right field.

The Gold dinar weighs around 8.09 grams. If you are stunned by this beauty, you can get this coin in your collection. This piece is lying in the Todywalla Auction No 114 and the opening bid is INR 5,00,000. So what are you thinking?

Hurry up!

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