Rare Chinese Stamps in Good Demand at Auctions

03 Feb 2018  Sat

John Bull Auctions from Hong Kong sold several interesting Chinese coins from 9th December to 12th December. A set of 1967 Poems of Chairman Mao stamps with numeral corner margins (Chinese government number) was sold for $32,500. The listed market value of a complete mint set in very fine condition is $3,550. Numbers were printed on the stamps on many later issues. Very few Poems of Chairman Mao sets feature these official numbers.

Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers in New York City also sold interesting Chinese Stamps from 18th December to 20th December. One of the finest known never-hinged 1896 3¢ red revenue without surcharge, perforated gauge 14 was sold for $109,250. These revenue stamps were surcharged and used postally and were not used for their main purpose. Only 761 stamps not surcharged at the GPO.

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