Orchids on stamps!

03 Feb 2018  Sat

A flower is a tiny creation of nature which is admired for its colour and beauty! Found in different sizes, colours, and fragrance, they are loved by everyone. Some might like roses while some may like lilies!

Flowers are dear to everyone. Previously people in India were using flowers only for big functions. But now, even for a small function, they are buying. Flower production has boomed in India, as its eight percent annual growth boosts incomes in the middle class. Wedding halls are often crammed with blossoms and frequent festivals are seen as an occasion for garlanding with hot-hued blooms.

The Indian Post has issued a miniature sheet in 2016 depicting beautiful orchids. Orchids are a large group of flowering plants that are cultivated and appreciated throughout the world. The floriculture trade has relatively increased. The orchids have taken a significant position in cut flower industry due to their attractiveness, long shelf-life, high productivity, convenience in packing and transportation. Among flowers, orchids contribute 10% share in international trade.

So if you like orchids then you should definitely own this sheet!

A tip for the stamp collectors: You can start your thematic collection, For eg. Flowers on stamps.

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