1842 Hamburg Fire Fund-Raiser Medal to be Auctioned

03 Feb 2018  Sat

People from Hamburg, Germany had to face the hazards of a horrendous fire in 1842. A unique fundraiser campaign was run to help the victims. Bronze and silver versions of a commemorative medal were offered to the public by medalist G. Loos. One gold version was also created. This one, in Extremely Fine condition, is going to be auctioned by Teutoburger Münzauktion on 23rd February for an estimated value of €20,000.

Bronze versions were offered for half a taler, and silver versions, for two talers during that time. The 38.55 grams gold medal was issued based on the standards of 12 ducats. However, its actual issue price is not known.

The obverse features a map of Hamburg along with inscriptions denoting the dates of the fire. The reverse features a Phoenix emerging from the ashes. An inscription translates to “Hamburg will rise again more glorious than ever before.”

The fire began on 5th May 1842 and went on until 8th May. 51 people were killed and 1,700 buildings were destroyed. Major rebuilding was required which also led to the improvement of infrastructure.

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