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02 Feb 2018  Fri

India was a very prosperous country in ancient times and almost each and every dynasty has issued coins based on its political, social and economic conditions. Speaking generally, the Punch marked coins, Kushana Coins and Gupta coins show the evolution of the Indian coinage in terms of metal, motifs and minting technique.

While each dynasty has its own belief and that can be seen reflected on their coins, we can also see a continuity of thought and design in them. Specifically, Kushans depicted their deity on coins like Ardocsho, Mao, Athstho, Pharro, Manaobago, Mirro, Mozdooano, Oado, etc. The coins of Kushanas are known for their beautiful depiction of these deities.

The featured Copper Unit was issued by Kanishka depicting a standing king, facing left, sacrificing at altar at left and holding a goad and sceptre, Bactrian legend ‘þAO KA ... N?þKI’ (King Kanishka) within the circular border. The reverse depicts the God Vado or Oado (the wind god) running left, holding up cloak to represent the wind, Bactrian legend right ‘OA?O’, tamgha at left, all within the dotted border of the circle.

You can get a hand on this coin by simply bidding on it. This coin is lying at Todywalla Auction No. 114, the opening bidding was INR 2000 and the next Bid is 2,200. Hurry up, before it gets sold.

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