Bioluminescent Creatures on American Postage Stamps

02 Feb 2018  Fri

On 22nd February, 10 new Postage stamps featuring photos of bioluminescent sea creatures will be revealed at Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce. Seven of these photographs are taken by CEO and senior scientist at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Edie Widder. Officials have stated that the stamps will be printed on a special shiny paper to achieve a bioluminescence effect. The first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony is open to all and will be attended by important delegates from the Association and the Postal Service department.

Widder is extremely excited and proud to see her work on postage stamps. The pictures feature beautiful creatures like Deep-ocean octopus, midwater jellyfish, deep-sea comb jelly, bamboo coral, marine worm, crown jellyfish and sea pen. Widder is considered to be the world-leader of deep-sea exploration. She was the main scientist on a mission to film Humboldt squid along the coast of Chile in October 2016. Footage captured from this mission was aired in the second episode of "Blue Planet II," on BBC America, AMC, IFC, Sundance and WE TV.

Certain living things can generate their own light. This characteristic is called as Bioluminescence. Billions of single-celled plankton called Pyrodinium bahamenses reside in the Indian River Lagoon. They emit electric-blue light when they are disturbed. The sight is amazing because it seems as if the entire water body is glowing.

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