A New Rare £1 Error Coin Has Been Discovered

02 Feb 2018  Fri

There are many people who have been selling rare and unique modern error coins on the internet for a living! A new rare pound coin was discovered recently which has a market value of £205. They are being offered on eBay and other marketplace sites. This error coin is made using a blank indented for the old pound coin. Only three such coins have been found, one of which was sold for £205 on eBay. The second one is going to be offered at an auction house in London on 21st February. The Royal Mint has informed the public that anybody who finds this coin can get them verified for free.

You can send these coins to Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of the Museum, The Royal Mint Museum, Llantrisant, Pontyclun, CF72 8YT. However, the Royal Mint has also warned the public that these coins could also be counterfeits.

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