Kartikeya on Yaudheya Coins

01 Feb 2018  Thu

Coins are just a piece of a metal without any symbols. The symbols or motifs on coins make it a wonderful artifact, revealing history. Today we will see Kartikeya on Yaudheya coins.

Kartikeya, son of Shiva and Parvati is worshiped throughout the Indian subcontinent. He is revered and seen on the various coins of Gupta and Yaudheya.

The given Copper unit coin in the image belongs to the Yaudheya. It depicts the beautiful Kartikeya with a peacock on the obverse and Brahmi legend ‘Ganasya Jaya’. And the reverse has a Goddess with Kalasha, all within dotted circle. Isn’t this piece worth buying?

This coin is lying in the Todywalla Auction No.114 and the current bid is INR 700.

Let us see few of the cool facts of Lord Kartikeya:

Kartikeya is believed to be a handsome god who is depicted with a calm and serene character.
He has a peacock vahana called ‘Paravani’.
He is also known as Shanmukha or God of with six faces.
He was married to Devasena and Valli.
He is called ‘Deva Senapti ‘ and ‘Yuddharanga’ meaning the God of War and the General of the army of the Gods.

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