British Era Coins Found in Madhya Pradesh While Digging Borewell

01 Feb 2018  Thu

On 30th January, municipal workers who were digging a borewell on government land in Kurawar found almost 100-year-old rare silver Colonial coins. After digging for 100 ft, a fount of water sprung up. The coins also emerged out due to the sudden groundwater pressure. Many locals stole some coins and left the spot immediately.

The police found three coins of one rupee denomination, struck in 1912, 1913 and 1919 respectively under the regime of King George V. The police has filed a case against unidentified people who stole the rare coins. Locals have said that almost 30 odd coins might have been stolen.

Mining and borewell digging activity were banned in the locality immediately. The entire area was fenced and policemen have been deployed to keep a watch. The three 10 gm silver coins have a market value of Rs 650 a piece.

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