Beautifully Toned 1810 Capped Draped Bust Gold $5 Half Eagle

01 Feb 2018  Thu

Late Heritage cataloguer Dr. Jon Amato’s amazing collection was offered on sale by Heritage Auctions that was held between 3rd and 8th January along with the FUN convention in Tampa. The collection consists of beautiful type coins in collector grades. More than 40 coins from his collection were offered, each of which was carefully picked over a period of several years.

A 1810 Capped Draped Bust gold $5 half eagle, graded PCGS Extremely Fine 45, of the Large 5 obverse variety was sold for $5,520. The coin features rich vibrant reddish-gold colour which is unusual for this type. The surface has minor abrasions and a light high point wear. There is good mint lustre under the toning.

Coins that were minted during the first decades of the Philadelphia Mint were the major highlights of this collection. This includes a 1796 Capped Bust, No Stars gold $2.50 quarter eagle graded Extremely Fine 45 by PCGS that was sold for $96,000.

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