23rd Edition of France’s most Popular Reference Book Out

30 Jan 2018  Tue

Monnaies Francaises is an elaborate reference guide for coins of modern France which was first published in 1973. Currently authored by Francesco Pastrone and published by Editions Victor Gadoury of Monaco, the French-language book is called “Le Rouge” (The Red) in French because of its red cover. The latest 23rd edition shares information about coins from 1789 to 2017.

A newly added section talks about famous essais, piéforts, and proofs or flans brunis of Napoleon III (1851 to 1868). Information about coins of the Kingdom of Westphalia, French euro coins through 2017, and coinage of Monaco are also newly added.

Coins issued since the revolution of 1789 till the current Fifth Republic are arranged in chronological order by denomination. Circulation and collector modern euro coins are also discussed in detail.

Other important specifics like metal, fineness, weight, diameter, edge, engraver’s name, privy marks, Mintage figures by date and Mint mark for each denomination, along with the current values in euros in up to five grades are also mentioned. 500 photos have been newly added to the book. It is 590 pages long and is 30 pages bigger than the earlier version.

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