Jahangir Gold Mohur Listed For INR 9,00,000

30 Jan 2018  Tue

This beautiful gold mohur which was introduced by Mughal Emperor Jahangir is listed with a base price tag price of Rs. 9,00,000 in Todywall Auction which will be held in Ahmedabad on 9th February 2018.

The interesting fact about this coin is that it has a retrograde regnal year which is seen as 61. Actually, this coin was issued by Jahangir during the 16th year of his reign but it regnal year which is inscribed on coin is 61.

This gold mohur is minted at Ahmedabad during the hijri year 1030. This coin displays mehrabi shaped cartouche which is similar to the mehrabi mohurs of Akbar. The obverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Ilahi ta jahan’at the top, ‘Jahangir Shah Akbar Shah’ in the central mehrabi cartouche’ and ‘Ta Shud Rawan Bad’ at the bottom. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Ba Sharq Wa Garb’ at the top, Sanah 61 (error date for regal year 16) Julus Sanah 1030 in the central line and ‘Muhr Ahmedabad’ at the bottom.

Jahangir struck these mohurs from Ahmedabad from AH 1028 till AH 1033, Therefore mismatch of Hijri year and regnal year combination are known, and hence retrograde dates are not surprised. To know more about similar coin click here.

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