Botswana to Release New 10-Pula Polymer Note

29 Jan 2018  Mon

New 10-pula banknotes were released in 2009 by Botswana. However, people were not happy about its quality. The new note is not tough enough to withstand extremely hot climatic conditions of the country. The Central bank has announced that it has plans to issue durable versions of the note made using De La Rue’s Safeguard polymer substrate on 1st February.

The design remains the same. However, a portrait of current President Seretse Khama Ian Khama will also be included. New security features will also be included, like a see-through window with MASK, a geometric pattern that is visible in normal view, but which shows a hidden image when held against light; and a version of Gemini in which one colour changes to two colours under ultraviolet light. De La Rue’s Tactile Emboss feature is also included for visually challenged.

Even though 10-pula note is Botswana’s lowest paper denomination, it has the highest circulation rate. The decision to introduce polymer notes will be cost-effective.

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