APMEX Introduces the Isle of Man Coin Series

23 Jan 2018  Tue

AMPEX recently released two popular lines of coins from the Isle of Man, offering options in both Silver and Gold. Mintages are extremely limited and certain coins are only available in APMEXclusive® two-coin sets.

These recent releases will add collectible interest to these long-standing series. Each 2017 1 oz Reverse Proof Silver coin offers an exceptional low mintage of just 5,000 coins.

The 2016 Silver Angel had a mintage of 100,000 coins and, in fact, the Silver Noble has not been released since 2011. Also, the 1 oz Gold Angel and 1 oz Gold Noble each have an extremely low mintage of just 100 coins.

Both the Silver Angel and Silver Noble coins are available at AMPEX in a two-coin set. And each set includes the Reverse Proof Silver and Proof Silver versions of the specified design. The Proof Silver Angel and Proof Silver Noble coins are only available in these sets, which each have a mintage of just 500.

The Isle of Man has a storied history and their Gold and Silver bullion coins feature designs that don’t age through time.

Isle of Man Angel coins, first issued in Gold in 1984 followed by Silver in 1995, featuring the timeless depiction of St. Michael slaying a dragon.

The Noble coins tell a similar history. These modern versions first appeared in 1983 in Platinum, but the name Noble was first given to coins introduced by King Edward III in 1344. Gold and Silver Noble coins depict a Viking longboat sailing the open seas, tying back to the history of the Isle of Man itself.

From 1/2 gram of Gold up to 2 oz of Silver and two unique APMEXclusive® sets, any investor or collector is sure to find the Isle of Man coin for them. Shop all 2017 Angels and Nobles available now at APMEX.

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