Silver Tanka of Shihab Al-Din Bayazid Shah

22 Jan 2018  Mon

Shihab Al-Din Bayazid Shah was the Sultan of Ilyas Shahi Dynasty of Bengal Sultanate from 1412 to 1414 AD. He succeeded his father Saifuddin Hamza Shah.

Bayazid’s coinage is almost similar to that of Hamzah's in terms of style and legends inscribed, except that the former did not use excessive titles of his predecessors. No gold coins are yet known. Identified mints are Firuzabad, Muazzamabad, and Satgaon, while one type may have been struck at Chatgaon. There are less than five types from Firuzabad, all struck on broad flans. One extremely rare type has Shahada on the reverse, the first time it appeared on Bengal coins after Muhammad bin Tughlaq's regime.

This silver Tanka of Shihab al-Din Bayazid Shah which weighs around 10.76g was minted at Firuzabad in 816 AH. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Arabic legend ‘Al Muwayid Ba Tayid Al Rahman Shihab Al Dunya Wa Al din Abu Al Muzaffar Bayazid Shah Al Sultan’ within scalloped circle. The reverse of the coin is read as ‘Nasir Amir Al Mominin Ghawth Al Islam Wa Muslimeen’ within an eight-pointed border, mint name, and date around it.

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