Five Rupee of Persian Gulf

18 Jan 2018  Thu

This Five Rupee was issued by Government of India to circulate in the Persian Gulf countries and Arabic Peninsula. These notes were issued for circulated in these territories because the Indian Rupee was official currency in many areas during British control and even after their independences, these notes continued to be a legal tender in the Gulf nations till 1966 CE.

This note has eight languages in its language panel. It is an orange coloured five rupee note with prefix ‘Z2’.The obverse of this note depicts Ashokan Pillar in vignette window and legend ‘Reserve Bank of India’ and ‘Guaranteed by the Central Government’ above it. The denomination in number and words is inscribed in central denomination panel. It has the signature of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India with a security thread. The Promissory text is printed towards the bottom.

The reverse of this note depicts six blackbucks and ‘Reserve Bank of India’ printed on top. Language panel is shown in the centre and numeral ‘5’ in the left vertical panel. RBI seal is printed in the right vertical panel beside the watermark window.

This Five rupee note’s estimated bit is between INR 90,000 to 110000 in Todywalla Auctions.

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