Proof 1973-S Washington Quarter struck on a Cent Planchet Auctioned

18 Jan 2018  Thu

A 1973-S Washington quarter dollar struck twice on cent planchet, graded Proof 68, with red and brown toning was sold for $3,840 at Heritage’s U.S. coin auctions held between 3rd and 8th January at the Florida United Numismatists convention in Tampa.

These collector coins were placed in special packaging. That’s the reason why you won’t find errors on Proof coins of this type easily. The offered coin was special as it was double struck on a cent planchet.

Proof coins are struck using high pressure due to which the planchet spreads over almost the entire surfaces. There is a small gap at the lower right obverse and corresponding area on the opposite side.

Some Proof errors became a part of Proof sets. Others were secretly removed from the Mint. The offered coin could have been a part of a six-coin 1973 Proof set as it is bigger than a cent but smaller than a quarter dollar. The coin weighs 3.13 grams which is acceptable as per the 3.11-gram tolerance level for copper alloy Lincoln cent planchet of that time.

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