Man Quits Job to Start a Successful Coin-Trading Company

13 Jan 2018  Sat

Two 18-year-olds named James Grear and Henry Bishop left their £9-an-hour day jobs as labourers in Bristol and started a coin-trading company which is making an annual turnover of £50,000 to £70,000 a year now. They run the business from a bedroom in a shared rented apartment.

James once found a unique 50p among his change and tried to find its price on eBay. James now starts with sorting all the coins patiently and then looks for better coins from the lot. They even won a cash prize and a trip to San Jose, California, to meet eBay’s global executive team. They were selected from 100s of entries. The pair is not facing problems in sourcing coins and has enough backup cash for the business. The duo is going to invest the cash price for making their business more efficient.

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