A 1659 Lord Baltimore shilling Sold for $1,680

12 Jan 2018  Fri

When it comes to holed-coins, some come with inherent holes, while others a holed to suspend the item. Another category is termed as damaged coins. The market value of holed coins depends on various factors and damaged coins have the least of all. Many such coins were sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries on 10th November 2017 during the Whitman Baltimore Expo.

An Undated holed Lord Baltimore Shilling, struck in circa 1659, graded Good Details, was sold for $1,680. Lord Baltimore coins are generally more expensive in all grades.

Cecil Calvert was the second Lord Baltimore who instructed to strike these coins. He thought that he could coin money for the colonies. Lord Baltimore’s coins featuring his portrait on the obverse and his family’s coat of arms on the reverse were used in Maryland before and some years after his death in 1675. Many of these coins were holed.

The offered coin featured a square-shaped hole. It was used as jewellery or was suspended for a long time. The portrait on the obverse is worn out completely, while the reverse design is detailed.

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