2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p Coins in Demand

11 Jan 2018  Thu

The 2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p coins are being sold for more than £100 on eBay. There are reports that collectors can get this coin by booking a tour at the Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, Wales. The coins will not be released for circulation. It could be the rarest 50p coins after Kew Gardens. If you want to strike the coin at the tour, then you would have to pay an extra £5 per person or £7.50 for two.

The Kew Gardens coin is the most valuable coins in circulation as they are hard to find. It is being sold for £185 on eBay. It has a lower mintage limit of 210,000 against a standard number of five million.

Experts believe that since the time period for the special tour is short and visitors are limited, the 2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin could have a lower mintage limit than that of Kew Gardens 50p coins. A 50p coin featuring Sir Isaac Newton was released in circulation last year with a mintage limit of 1.8 million. The number is less than the mintage limit of 2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck coin. It is the second lowest 50p coins in circulation after Kew Gardens, excluding the Olympic 50p range.

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