Book Review: Search & Save Half Dollars

11 Jan 2018  Thu

Volume 6 of the book Search & Save Half Dollars by Whitman Publishing is now available for sale. The book shares information on Lincoln cents, 5-cent coins, the State quarter dollar series, the America the Beautiful quarter dollars, and dimes and general quarter dollars. The 96-page book is meant for beginners and intermediate collectors. It provides a hands-on method to collect coins by denomination and type.

The book also comes with a Whitman Classic Coin Album page for displaying 12 half dollars of different varieties from a Capped Bust half dollar from the early 1800s to Kennedy Half dollar of today’s times. It also has a provision to store three favourite commemorative half dollars. The robust storing facility showcases both the obverse and reverse sides.

Coinage of Colonial era to the start of the Philadelphia Mint in 1792 is discussed in detail. Other topics include Capped Bust, Seated Liberty and Barber half dollars from 1807 to 1915, Walking Liberty half dollars, Franklin half dollars, and Kennedy half dollars. A separate chapter explains commemorative half dollars from 1892 to date, and the last chapter shares advice on how to collect each coin type.

The book can be purchased for $9.95.

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