Eight Anna of King George V

10 Jan 2018  Wed

This copper-nickel of King George V was sold for INR 65,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. This coin was issued by the Bombay Mint and it’s a proof specimen.

This coin which depicts at least six languages was minted during the reign of King George V. It presents India as a multilingual state. The denomination 8 Annas is was at a time equivalent to the ½ rupee. The obverse bears the right-facing profile of King George V with the Imperial crown. The inscription around the bust reads “GEORGE V KING EMPEROR”. The reverse of the coin bears a scalloped circle within double squares where each side is inscribed with the denomination in five different languages and scripts.

This coin was introduced to replace the silver half rupee coin due to the rise in the value of the silver during World War. This copper-nickel coin was not very popular and was discontinued and withdrawn from the circulation in 1920.

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