Silver Tanka of Khizr Khan

10 Jan 2018  Wed

Sayyid Dynasty was the fourth dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, ruling from 1414 to 1451 AD. The rulers of this dynasty claimed to belong to the family of Sayyids or the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, through his daughter Fatima and son-in-law and cousin Ali, who belonged to the Banu Hashim Clan of the Quraish Tribe.

Khizr Khan was the governor of Multan under Firoz Shah Tughlaq. When Timur invaded India, Khizr Khan a sayyid from Multan joined him. Timur appointed him the governor of Multan and Lahore. He then conquered the city of Delhi and started the rule of the Sayyid in 1414.

As Khizr Khan never assumed full independent charge, the coins were struck and Khutba was read in the name of Mongol ruler Timur and after his death in the name the name of his successor, Shah Rukh. They also minted same Tughlaq coins by replacing the date of issue.

The above shown silver Tanka was minted in the reign of Khidr Khan. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Arabic legend ‘Al Sultan Al Azam Abul Muhammad Shah Bin Firuz Shah sultani’ while the reverse of the coin read as ‘Fi Zaman Al Imam Amir-ul-Mominin Khulidat Khilafatuhu’.

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