Scooby Dooby Doo on coins

09 Jan 2018  Tue

“Keepin' it real buddy...!”

Do you remember how cool this Great Dane was? You know saving people, hunting business. Well yeah, you read it right, how “supernatural” was this dog! Didn’t we just love watching our beloved Scoobert (yeah that’s his real name) running around catching monsters, exposing the real wicked faces of people?

No need to search for childhood friend anymore for Perth Mint Australia has recently launched coins commemorating our Scooby! This vividly coloured coin depicts our four-legged hero as he appeared in the original animated series. The coin has the effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth, the 2018 year-date and the monetary denomination: 1 Dollar on its obverse. This 1oz of 99.99% pure silver coin is issued as a legal tender by the Government of Tuvalu. Not more than 5000 pieces have been issued and each coin comes in a SCOOBY-DOO themed packaging.

Next time you feel the need to shout out “SCOOBY DOO...WHERE ARE YOU?” just reach into your will find him on your special Scooby coins.

Hurry up. Grab one for yourself!

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