Chola Coin Sold for INR 3,300

27 Dec 2017  Wed

When we talk about South India, we can’t get over it without describing the great 'Cholas'. They were one of the strongest and longest ruling dynasties in the South. They changed the map of southern India. They are well-known for their good administration and beautiful architecture. They expanded their territory as far as Sri Lanka majorly under the regime of the Raja Raja Chola (985 and 1014 CE). He sent a large army to conquer the Anuradhapura Kingdom. He succeeded and the Cholas ruled for almost eight decades over the wide area of Sri Lanka.

The above-shown gold fanam features a Sri Lankan Chola coin. The obverse of the image depicts the king standing to the right within a dotted border of the circle. The reverse bears a Nagari legend ‘Darak’. The coin weighs around 0.51 grams. This tiny piece was sold for INR 3,300 at Oswal.

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