Garuda on Rashtrakuta Coins

27 Dec 2017  Wed

Garuda, a mythological being of ancient Indian literature is widely depicted by Rashtrakuta dynasty on their seals and coins.

It is a Vahana of Vishnu which may suggest the religious belief of Rashtrakutas. The seal of Rastrakuta, issued for land grants depicted Garuda in a seated posture of Yoga ( Anjali mudra and Padmasana). A similar figure can be seen on coins found from southern Gujarat and Maharashtra regions. The iconography of Garuda is similar to the posture of Lakshmi, illustrated in Gupta coinage.

The above-shown gold coin of Rashtrakuta depicts a Garuda seated on a Padma (Lotus) in Padmasana. The posture is quite similar to the anointment of Lakshmi, yet the wings depicted near the figure's shoulder distinguish it from the Goddess of wealth. This coin features the legend 'Shri Shubhtunga'- Title of the Rastrakuta kings and a conch shell on the reverse side.

The copper and silver denomination of Rashtrakuta dynasty also depicts Garuda. The other known symbols depicted on coins are boar, elephant, Shiva, Nandi, etc.

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