High-quality Fake $100 Banknote Found in S Korea

13 Dec 2017  Wed

A new high-quality fake $100 banknote has been found at a Seoul branch in November. Officials think that North could be forging "supernotes" due to lack of sanctions. It was almost impossible to differentiate between real and fake notes. Senior officials claim that such a forged supernote has never been found in the world.

The earlier fakes were dated 2001 or 2003 while the new one is dated 2006. The fake note was produced using raised and dented printing with no-smudge inks, just like the real ones. Officials claim that such high-end fake notes can be produced only by investing a lot of money which state-level organisations can afford.

However, there is no evidence if the newly found fake note was produced by North Korea. Judicial and intelligence authorities have been alerted about this event.

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