Coins Offered by Jongeling Numismatic Consultancy

28 Nov 2017  Tue

A wide range of numismatic services is offered by Jongeling Numismatic Consultancy for individuals, business clients, beginners, experienced collectors, coin dealers and museum owners with a numismatic collection.

Hans Jongeling is the founder and owner of this Consultancy firm. He is a qualified historian with more than 10 years of experience in the world of coins, medals, and banknotes. He has also handled the auction house Sotheby’s and the former Money Museum. He was Head of the Numismatic Department of the Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht from 2011 to 2016. Hans is one of only three registered TMV valuers in the Netherlands adept with theoretical and practical knowledge. He is also a numismatic advisor for the Dutch Police Academy.

Highlights offered by the Jongeling Numismatic Consultancy include a 6.72 g 10 gulden Brussel 1826B Willem I with a value of 17,000.00 US$.

An extremely rare AV Aureus C. Vibius Varus 42 BC coin has a value of 8,000.00 US$. The obverse features a laureate head of Apollo while the reverse features Venus standing left, looking at her reflection in a mirror held in the left hand and a column is depicted to her right.

A Very rare AR Stater 440-400 BC Dynasts of Lycia, Kherei has a value of 5,895.00 US$. The obverse depicts a head of Athena, wearing crested Attic helmet with spiral palmette and three olive leaves. The reverse depicts a bearded head right, wearing kyrbasia; KHEREI behind within incuse square.

A 12.44 g Half dollar Philadelphia Seated Liberty 1877 struck with polished dies has a value of 1,875.00 US$. The obverse depicts a seated Liberty facing left while the reverse features an eagle holding arrows and olive branch, within wreath. This coin is extremely rare as only 510 proofs were minted in this year. It has a warm golden and dove-gray toning on both sides. The designs are nicely frosted and the coin earns a “Cameo” designation by PCGS. The date is very well struck as well.

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