First Collectible Hybrid Banknote Released by Armenia

23 Nov 2017  Thu

Armenia’s Central Bank released new 500 drams hybrid banknotes called "Noah's Ark". The 140 x 76 mm banknote is printed on the high-quality Hybrid composite material. It is covered with cotton paper on both sides and a thin protective layer of polyester. It features a multi-coloured Noyan Tapan watermark and a face value watermark.

The collectible banknotes are a sample of new third generation composite banknotes which will enter circulation on 22nd November 2018 – the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Armenian currency.

Commemorative coins and the collectible banknotes will go into circulation, but not as legal tender. The new notes can be bought for 1,700 drams at the Central Bank's "Dramaget" Museum. 300,000 such banknotes have been released.

The new raw materials help in printing banknotes with traditional protective signs of paper banknotes along with innovative security features. Central Bank authorities have ensured that the transition to new banknotes will be smooth.

Different types of raw materials have been used to make banknotes across the world in recent times to improve durability. Polymer banknotes are the most durable of all.

Authorities have also claimed that the old reading equipment would be capable of reading new notes as well. Money won’t be spent on purchasing new equipment or upgrading ATMs.

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