Beautiful 20 Tala Banknotes of Samoa

10 Nov 2017  Fri

Western Samoa often called simply as Samoa has been issuing banknotes since 1985. Samoa’s banknotes have lovely, sweeping designs, depicting the culture and life of the people of Samoa. This made it a favourite among the world collectors as well, who praised the new design for its attention to their beautiful country.

The Samoan 20 Tala banknote is yellow, orange, and multi-coloured and is made of polymer plastic. The banknote depicts Samoa's magnificent natural environment. The front side of the banknote features a beautiful cascading waterfall. The reverse side of the banknote features the nation’s National Bird, the Manumea with Samoa’s National Flower, the Teuila. These images portray the diversity and beauty of Samoa's natural environment.

There is no doubt that this is a magnificent and eye capturing note. In fact The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) named this note as the 2008 Banknote of the Year!

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