Another Temple on Chalukya Coins

25 Oct 2017  Wed

Motifs and symbols always have an important value on coins. They are heart and soul of the coin. Every dynasty has a different motif or emblem on their coins. But there are few symbols which are very rare to see such as temple on coins.

Temples in Ancient India were just not made to worship and pray but they were also made with the intention to meditate. They were made in such a way that it surrounds one's body with positivity and peace. These massive structures are not too frequently seen on the coins. But there are few of the coins where we see these temples. And these temples on coins make us wonder about the evolution of the temples!

The given Gold Pagoda in the image belongs to the Chalukyan king, Somesvara (1043-1068 CE). The obverse depicts the temple entrance and reverse has an ornamental scroll. This gold coin was sold for INR 55,000 in Todywalla Auctions. We also see beautiful Dravidian temple on a Chalukyan Coins.

We had discussed previously the motifs of temples on the coins of Yaudheya, Audumbara and Shilahara, etc.

So here we end today and keep in touch with us until we come up with another coin with temples.

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