Gold Pagoda of Vijaynagar Empire King Deva Raya I

2024-04-10 Wed

King Deva Raya I of the Vijayanagara Empire was a patron of Kannada literature and architecture. He is credited for making the capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire one of the biggest cities of the 15th century. He was one of the most capable rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire well known for his military exploits and his support to irrigation works in his kingdom.

Devaraya I, issued this Gold Pagoda weighing 3.37g, during his rule. The obverse features Shiva-Parvati seated, Siva holding antelope head and damru and the reverse is inscribed with the Devanagari legend 'Sri Pratapa Devraya'.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery