Organizational Skills Represented on Latest Swiss 10-franc Note

24 Oct 2017  Tue

The third entry into the new Swiss banknote series is a 10-franc note which was released on 18th October. The country’s ninth banknote series named “The many facets of Switzerland” does not include people but focuses on typical Swiss characteristics. A different topic is explored on each denomination. The 10-franc note symbolises Switzerland’s organizational talent using the motif “time.”

A hand and a globe are the core elements on every denomination but represented in a different way on each one. The obverse features a conductor’s hand holding a baton. The globe shows time zones. The background depicts clock faces. The security strip features a map of the Swiss rail network and its longest tunnels. The strip appears in rainbow colours when tilted.

The reverse features a rail tunnel representing the highly effective and successful rail network. A watch movement represents Switzerland’s strong talent for organization. The lines in the background map merge with a part of the national rail network. 16 different security features are used on six notes in the new series, printed on a three-layer substrate called Durasafe.

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