Goddess on Gupta coin

18 Oct 2017  Wed

The pleasing aroma of sweets, the tremendous bursting of crackers and the colour of rangoli forms together to celebrate the week of Diwali. It’s a group of festivals celebrated together, these days mark the victory of good over evil. A festival which shows, if your heart is pure and good even the darkest night would turn into the festival of light.

Today, on the second day of Diwali we celebrate Naraka Chaturdashi, kali chaudas, Roop Chaudas – a day with so many names in different parts of India. On this day goddess Durga in the form of Kali killed ‘Narakasur’. The other story also goes that Shree Krishna with the help Satyabhama ( his wife ) killed Narakasur.

To relate this day with our coin lovers, we are glad to discuss the gold dinar of King Chandragupta II. This coin depicts goddess Durga seated on a lion, which is walking towards the right. The deity is holding diadem in the left hand and long-stemmed flower in right hand. This coin is a lion slayer type which depicts Chandragupt II slaying a lion.

This age-old tradition of festival and faith in these vibrant and joyful days bring happiness and anticipates peace in people’s life.

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Mintage world wishes all of you a joyful and safe Diwali...

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