Mother Teresa

17 Oct 2017  Tue

A figure wearing a blue bordered coarse cotton white sari walking on the streets of Calcutta (Kolkata) helping people, held a deep affection not only with the people of Calcutta but also with the whole nation. This person was none other than Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was born in Albania on 26th August 1910. At the early age, she cherished the desire to- 'Go out and give the love of Christ'. The Irish Order o the Sister of Loreto inspired her at the age of 18. This desire brought her to India on 6th January 1989 and began teaching geography at St Mary’s High School in Calcutta.

In 18th August 1948, Mother Teresa left the church and dedicated her life to helping the poor in the bustling streets of Calcutta. In 1950 she founded Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. Today this charity consists of 1800 nuns, 250 brothers and thousands of lay co-workers who serve the sick and the poor in over 30 countries worldwide.

Her enormous compassionate work evoked worldwide recognition. Due to this she has received many awards like Padmashree, the Magsaysay Award, Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, John.F.Kennedy International Award, Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding, Nobel Peace Prize, etc.

Today on 17th October in 1979, Mother Teresa received the honoured Nobel Peace Prize. To celebrate this event, India Post has issued a commemorative stamp in 1980.

India Post has also issued a commemorative stamp in 2016 to celebrate the Canonization of Saint Teresa.

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