Locals Melting Ancient Indian Coins, a Serious Concern

25 Jan 2016  Mon

During a three-day first international seminar on Gupta Coinage, organized by Coin Society of India, Minister of state for chemicals and fertilizers Hansraj Ahir addressed a very serious issue on melting of ancient coins in Nagpur and other parts of India. He said, "Ancient coins which form a very important proof of ancient civilization have been underrated by several generations. All they see is the value of metal the coin holds." He expressed his concern for the need to frame strict rules to prohibit melting of these precious ancient Indian coins. He also believed that the act of melting should be completely prohibited.

Former president of Numismatic Coin Society of India SK Bose, has been actively involved in spreading awareness among people against melting of ancient coins. He stated, "It has been because of the role of coin societies that people instead of melding coins are coming to us to know the historic value of such coins."

Mr. Ahir also spoke about why India under the Gupta King’s rule between 3rd and 5th Century was considered as the ‘Golden Era’. He mentioned that every single coin that was minted in that age was made in gold, called 'dinaar'. Melting and destroying these ancient Indian coins is a very big crime according to him.

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