Rockhopper Penguin on Coins from Falkland Islands

23 May 2017  Tue

Pobjoy Mint is going to release a set of four 50-penny coloured coins celebrating penguins for the penguin capital of the world, Falkland Islands and the first coin features the rockhopper penguin.

Rockhopper penguins are generally half a meter tall and weigh 2.7 kgs. They reside in rocky shores and build their nests in tussocks of tall grasses. Unlike other penguins, they have a black and yellow spiky plume on its head, red eyes and pink webbed feet. They eat krill and small crustaceans and go hunting for days at a time. They can go 100 meters deep in water and can stay there without breathing for many minutes. They climb the cliffs or ride a wave as they try to land at the top. This dangerous action can even kill them sometimes. Rockhopper Penguin’s population has decreased by 90 percent and wildlife experts have termed them as “vulnerable”.

An adult rockhopper with its unique hairstyle is depicted on the reverse. It has raised its wings almost about to hop. The obverse features the common portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The 8 gms copper-nickel coin has a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces and each one costs $11.95.

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